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Jacob Bogatin: Watermelon

Useful properties of watermelon

Jacob Bogatin stresses that watermelon is very helpful. Iron content it ranks third, after the lettuce and spinach. It contains a large amount of folic acid. Most valued for its refreshing watermelon effect. It is used mainly in fresh form as a tasty dessert.

Fruit pulp and juice perfectly quench thirst in febrile states, and have a strong diuretic, mild laxative, choleretic and anti-inflammatory action.

Healing properties of watermelon

Jacob Bogatin recommends it in clinical nutrition for diseases of the cardiovascular system, anemia, kidney disease, liver and gall bladder stones and urinary tract. Watermelons are very useful for patients with multiple sclerosis, arthritis and gout.

– Possesses a strong diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and tonic properties. It normalizes the metabolism, increases intestinal peristalsis.

– In folk medicine used for edema associated with kidney disease and cardiovascular systems, as well as with liver and biliary disease. Watermelon is not irritating to the kidneys and urinary tract infections.

– Content of alkaline compounds regulate acid-base balance, resulting in watermelons used in the acidosis of different origin. Content in watermelon flesh easily digestible sugars and water makes use of watermelon in chronic and acute diseases of the liver.

– Watermelon is also used for obesity and the need for fasting, as indicated in the course of treatment. Cellulose pulp melon stimulates digestion, helps to eliminate cholesterol, and contained in watermelon folic acid and vitamin C have protivoskleroticheskoe action.

– Pectic substances and a small amount of fat in watermelon flesh contribute to “optimize gut microflora, and do not cause flatulence.

– The juice of watermelon according to Jacob Bogatin can be used for nutrient and vitamin mask face, which prevent sagging, both dry and oily skin, improve its color, make a soft and smooth.


Ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis) affects mostly men, mostly young people. Women are sick less often (ratio of infected women and men about 1:5 – 1:9). According to Jacob Bogatin on average in Russia, Bechterew’s disease is sick about 3 people out of every thousand.

Apparently, ankylosing spondylitis develops as a result of latent infections, but does not develop at all, but only those people who have a specific genetic predisposition and certain genetic characteristics, in particular the gene HLA-B27.

Bechterew’s disease initially involves inflammation of the place of the sacrum and iliac bones, then spreads to the lumbar spine and the “creeping” up around the spine. Jacob Bogatin says that later the inflammatory process can capture all the joints of the body – from the hip to the finger joints.

Joint inflammation in this disease, fortunately, is rarely “cruel.” In many cases, it can be fairly easy to suppress with drugs.

Much worse than that in Bechterew’s disease is “ossified” spinal cords, his intervertebral joints and discs. Jacob Bogatin confirms that it is a gradual process of “seam” between the vertebrae themselves, the spine loses its flexibility and mobility. Without proper treatment a few years can come complete immobility spine, when practically all the vertebrae fused into one stiff bone structure.

Meniere’s disease – under this name implies a certain symptom, described in 1861 by French physician Prosper Meniere. Meniere’s disease manifestations are described in exhaustive as that over the centuries that followed only deepened a few details regarding the features of the defeat of the auditory and vestibular function.

According to Jacob Bogatin Meniere’s disease is characterized by a classic triad:
• System attacks of labyrinth vertigo accompanied by nausea and vomiting
• hearing loss in one ear
• Noise in the same ear.

Dizzy spells occur among full health, accompanied by a sick and sometimes vomiting. As a rule, at the time of the attack increases noise in the affected ear, a feeling of fullness and stun. Objective sign of attack is spontaneous nystagmus, which disappeared shortly after the attack. Jacob Bogatin says that at the time of attack, the equilibrium is broken, often significantly, patients are trying to adopt a horizontal position, often with eyes closed. Any attempt to change the posture leads to deterioration and increased nausea and vomiting.
Attacks occur at any time of day, but more often at night or morning. Provocative point can be physical or mental overexertion. Sometimes patients feel the approach of an attack for several hours or even days. It is often a harbinger of increased noise in the ear or a slight imbalance. Seizures may recur with varying frequency.

The majority of patients can clearly be seen Power phase of the disease: alternating with periods of frequent attacks of well-being. In the acute phase for several weeks, attacks may recur repeatedly, in between vestibular disorders is not completely disappear, but just calm down. During the period of remission, lasting for several months and even years, the state is improving, and patients become employable. However, over time, Jacob Bogatin says attacks are becoming harder and even in remission remain general weakness, lung disorders of balance, feeling of heaviness in the head.

There are three degrees of severity of Meniere’s disease according to Jacob Bogatin:
• severe – seizures usually daily or weekly duration of more than 5 hours, occurring with all complex disorders, ability to work is lost
• Medium – fits too frequent, up to 5 hours after the attack, lost ability to work on as far as days, hearing loss constant
• Easy – attacks can be frequent and short-lived, in some cases prolonged, in a few months or years, intermittently, between bouts of working capacity is not reduced.
None of the symptoms of Meniere’s disease is not unique to this pathology.

According to Jacob Bogatin the first tea known to man, was probably white. According to legend, people learned about tea after the Divine Farmer Shen Nun, who came to earth to study the properties of plants and to transmit this knowledge to mankind, have tried several poisonous plants, felt ill and lay down under a tree, from which rolled warmed by the sun and the dew fell into his mouth, after which he fully recovered. Of course, the tree was a tea one and a heated dew was the first in the history of tea infusion. Jacob Bogatin tells us that following the recipes of the Divine Landsman, the Chinese began to dry tea leaves and use them to strengthen and cleanse the body. Today, white tea produced in Sri Lanka, India and Africa, but China, with its centuries of tradition remains the leader in the production of white tea.

In fact, Jacob Bogatin confirms that white tea – it is sun dried buds and upper leaves of the tea bush. Only after studying the properties of dried tea leaves, Chinese researchers began to experiment and invent new ways of production of tea. Chinese emperors prized white tea for the refinement of taste, subtlety of aroma and clarity of mind which arises after tea, and China’s poor, who could not afford the expensive tea, white tea called simple boiled water. White tea has always been a rarity, as it was produced only in the mountains of Fujian Province. Jacob Bogatin says that initially, for the production of white tea used raw customary tea bush, and only in 1885 was derived plant, giving the raw materials exclusively for white tea.

In severe frosts in poorly insulated cell rabbit ears may be multiple adapters. When a swollen chilblain rubbing, a rabbit is transferred to a warm place. Then to the frostbitten parts cuticles any domestic melted fat can be added. Solar and thermal shock arising from direct sunlight on hot days and overheating of the body when the contents of the stuffy, unventilated rooms, especially at high humidity. Jacob Bogatin says that in such cases a rabbit is often breathing, mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyelids reddened, he stretched on his stomach or side and lies motionless. Very often, it ends with the animal’s death. But if only the diseased animals that move in a cool place, and put on his head soaked in cold water cloth, which is cooled in water after every 4-5 minutes, the rabbit can recover. When convulsive twitching of limbs futile treatment, the rabbit must be quickly killed. The contents of rabbits on the premises with drafts, rain causes colds. From the nose rabbit stands clear or cloudy fluid, rabbit sneezes. Jacob Bogatin says that in such a case if you quickly eliminate the causes of the disease, the rabbit can recover. Diseased rabbits placed in padded rooms, improve feeding, especially vitamin feeds. Every day in each nostril instilled with 3-5 drops of 1 per cent solution furacilinum (100 g of warm water 1 g diluted medication). Animals Jacob Bogatin considers to be cured after two weeks after the disappearance of symptoms. Meat rabbits recovering from non-communicable diseases can be used without restriction.

Thousands of people from the onset of the first warm sunny days, rush to nature, to the water, go to sea, relax in hot countries to bask under the rays of sun caressing, get a golden tan, strengthen immunity, health, giving a rebuff to all depressions.

But often, according to Jacob Bogatin many holidaymakers faced with such discomfort as an allergy to the sun. Solar allergy can be confused with other allergic reactions of the body to stimuli. But once understood, it is necessary to address the problem, otherwise the rest will be spoiled.

Allergy to the sun or solar dermatitis (photodermatitis, photodermatosis) appears in various circumstances: for a long effect on the skin bright and hot sun, the combination of sun exposure with other irritating factors such as chlorine pool, pollen, cream, deodorants, medicines.

Jacob Bogatin confirms that some people are allergic to the sun appears the first warm sunny days, and some during the holidays in Egypt, Turkey and in other tropical countries and places of rest, after swimming in pools in the open, after a picnic in the meadows, fields and forests.

Solar allergy recalls the usual irritation of the skin with a red rash on his legs, hands and all over the body, as well as peeling, and small islands pustular rash, swelling, just red skin, itching, burning sensation. Jacob Bogatin thinks that an allergy to the sun affects first of all children, whose immune system is weakened, after an illness.